Masculinity In Canada

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In Canada, a women is raped every 17 minutes, and assaulted every six minutes (Hendrick 12). When looking at such a modernized country, this degree of violence seems absurd. However, statistics show that women are the victims of violence in large numbers. Seeing as men are the perpetrators of 95% of violent acts against women, it becomes apparent that an important issue resides. What are the reasons that cause such male aggression that leads to violence toward women? This essay will argue that the sexual and physical violence toward women in Canada is the result of the social creation of a violent masculinity that is regulated by a male’s peers. The education of young men about the social construction of the male gender is important to the…show more content…
Male’s naturally become responsible in keeping their peers in check with the strict expectations of masculinity. This is achieved when using such terms like “mama’s boy”, “bitch”, or “faggot”, against a male who acts in a way that is seen to be “un-masculine”. Therefore, it becomes clear that a brutal cycle does exist. Men are consumed with what a “real” man is. They truly believe this criteria is correct and feel that they have to live by it in order to be manly. This type of masculinity, which violence has a prominent role in, becomes expected of them by their peers. When a male fails to produce this behaviour it often results in him being seen as someone who is missing the necessary traits in order to be masculine. Male’s will be harassed and abused by their peers for this presumed deficiency. Thus, male’s act as though they are a regulatory authority or a gender police towards their peers to be able to keep them in check with what society demands of the male gender. Masculinity in society is structured in a way which advocates violence as a way of coping with certain situations and individuals, which ultimately leads to violence against women. The peer’s of a male makes sure that he will contribute to his masculinity by confirming the accuracy of it, and administering not another socially sanctioned way of presenting the male
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