Masculinity In American Culture Essay

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For women to succeed in American culture women must conform to masculinity to show

power and the ability to lead. In American culture women must act like men to gain positions of

power and become respected in a man’s world. The way women dress and act plays a large role

in how men view them. To join the men’s world, women must become accepted by the group of

men she is trying to join. High paying and important CEO positions are typically held by men,

and by acting like a man a woman can inch closer to that status. Hard work and intellect are still

a viable option to succeeding as a woman. To become as successful as the most important men,

women must take on the characteristics of a man.

The largest occurrence of women taking on masculinity
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No skirts,

high heels or strange fashion trends, just classic suits that show power and the ability to use it

when needed.

Embracing masculinity is not just an act to show power and gain respect, it is also a way

for women to escape stereotypes. Levy describes tomming as “conforming to someone else’s –

someone more powerful – distorted notion of what you represent” (Levy 273). Women want to

grasp masculinity in order to escape what men and other women think they should be.
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These stereotypes are degrading to women and it becomes

understandable that some women would want to get away from the branding ANTM put on

them. Ponzer stated that “Tiffany was turned into ANTM’s symbol of the irresponsible ghetto

chick who isn’t willing to work hard to care for herself or her child.” (Ponzer 401) This case is

directed towards African American women but the outcome is the same. Women don’t want to

be put into these stereotypes that are broadcast nationally. By accepting and conforming to

masculinity a woman can escape the grasp that stereotypes and pretenses have over women.

Society has characterized both male and female sexes into stereotypes. Some women can

break the stereotypes placed on them by showing characteristics of masculinity in the work place

and their daily lives. This presentation of masculinity can alter how men respect women in the

work place and allow women to be viewed as leaders or entrepreneurs of the business
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