Mary Bryant Research Paper

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What did Mary Bryant do that made them stand out among others? Mary Bryant was in the group of the first convicts (and the only female convict) to ever escape from the Australian shores. Mary escaped from a penal colony which often is a remote place to escape from and is a place for prisoners to be separated. The fact that Bryant escaped from Australia suggests that she was a very courageous person, this was a trait most convicts seemed to loose once they were sentenced to transportation. This made her unique using the convicts. These paired with the fact that Mary travelled over 5000km (over 2 months) just escaping from Australia. Mary was also poisoned once she had escaped but recovered and went back to England. Mary's upbringing and and how impacted the way she lived her life. Bryant's background certainly influenced the path she took as an adult no matter which way you look at it. Mary's father being a long-time mariner would've been brought up with a very strict and disciplined routine from day to day. This could have affected Bryant as she realised she didn't like all the discipline and wanted to rebel against her family. Her mothers family was known for sheep stealing and so Mary as a child could have been influenced by the way that they acted the same way music could affect ones behaviour in today's society. Mary could've, at this age, try to prove to some of her more rebellious family members that she could do something worthwhile with her life and showing them that she could do what they could do. Did they contribute in any way to the growth of Australia as a nation? How? Mary did and didn't contribute to the growth of Australia. Mary arrived on Australian soil in 1788 but then escaped in 1790 staying for only 2 year... ... middle of paper ... ... (after a while of course) but because of the enormity of what Bryant had done, it was no wonder this was the case. What motivated Mary to escape? I believe Mary escaped with her fellow convicts because a number of reasons. Mary's husband, William, had been caught selling fish privately that was meant to be sold for English profit. The sentence that William received for this was 100 lashes. After this, he was allowed to keep his job after a demotion but this would have made it hard for the Bryant's, and so they might have thought that escaping was an easy solution. After the fleet lost a lot of its cargo which was mainly food, the convicts and soldiers alike found that they were running out of food and the first fleet went into a state of famine. This would've encouraged many of the convicts that there was a better life even if it was in the middle of the ocean.
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