Martin Luther King Jr Allusion

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Dr. Martin Luther King Junior was an excellent speaker and activist during the civil rights movement throughout 1954-1968. The civil rights movement was a time of racial injustice and unfair treatment towards people of different races. During that time many African Americans boycotted and protested against the unfair treatment in America at that point in time. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of these people who protested to create a difference in the community. The goal of these marches and protests that he led were to change the feelings of the government and the people’s feelings about racial injustice. However, Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4th, 1968 because he stood up for what was right. He was though able to do many …show more content…

He gave this speech to call an end to racism and to open the minds of the people living in America. The speech was very successful after it was given because about 250,000 people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to hear it. The most important literary elements used in the speech are allusions and metaphors and similes. They are important because they created a tone that touched many of the people's thoughts and feelings on segregation.

Dr. King uses many allusions in the “I Have a Dream” speech to demonstrate the similarities in both cultures and periods of time as he begins his speech in paragraph 2 with an allusion to the Gettysburg Address. An allusion is a literary device that is used to reference person, place, thing or idea of historical, …show more content…

The “I Have a Dream” speech given and written by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was and still is one of the most powerful speeches given. Because of the literary elements used in the speech is gives the audience something to think about and relate to and mixes with their feelings to possibly change their stance on the subject. Because of the serious issues that went on during the civil rights movement, such as separation of public services and unfair treatment to African Americans, something had to be done to end the racial injustice. People did try to prevent the discrimination by gathering marches and leading protests. But one of the largest impacts on this time period was the “I Have a Dream” speech and Dr. King’s use of literary

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