Marketing Strategies for John Deere Company

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As a consultant, I would apply major marketing strategies that would fit the new consumer segments and also serve the old consumers just the same. Both short and long term marketing strategies are equally needed for urgent and future decisions.

Consumer behavior is also a factor to be considered, because factors affecting consumer behavior will make clients not to buy, for one reason or another. To get the target market or rather to increase the target market, one has to create and deliver content that attracts and contains customers. As is in the case of our products in John Deere Company, necessary strategies have to be implemented to retain the new target market. Marketing strategies capable of luring people especially the old retiring consumers would include, offering dynamic and interactive products and services (Belz, F. M., & Peattie, K. (2009), making direct interviews and survey to understand an individual’s concern, to know what exactly a customer wants. Through scanning of the external and internal environment, meaning to employ marketing mix (Belz, F. M., & Peattie, K. (2009), and marketing modeling, so as to better get the clients attention. The market plans laid down would be designed to fill market needs and reach marketing objectives. Customers need and associate with retailers in whom they feel confident and understood, a fact we have to take advantage of, and try to understand the unique context of the client’s situation, what the customer’s care about and what their paths to making purchase looks like. Should also exactly know, and well define our targets, by identifying one segment, getting the best customer or rather the best group that serves as a customer in the segment, and then make the best current ...

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...impact on a buyer is also crucial, as it keeps reminding the nation of your existence in the dealing industry, and keeps ensuring your clientele that the company is still standing strong, and for the regulars to continue buying and investing in the company. In conclusion, to get the target market in John Deere Company and to sell all the intended products, I would need to employ all the necessary forces so as to achieve this, starting from consumer awareness, all the way to applying marketing strategies.


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