Malcom X's Leadership In The Life Of Malcolm X

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I would like to begin with my thoughts about Malcolm X and his bravery and courageous attitude. I will ever see Malcolm as a leader of this country. And a person that should always be remember in history. Malcolm was a person like you and I, but stood up to what he believed and decided to make a change. He wasn’t some super hero with super powers but he will always be seen has a hero. I didn’t really know a lot about Malcolm X but after reading this book it really had me thinking. A man that turned his life around to care for others. A man that was hooked on drugs and made horrible decisions, just decided one day that enough was enough. I will always remember the heroic events that Malcolm Little stood for.

The life of Malcolm Little, an African American man from the Midwest that lived through it all. While the world around him was plagued by racial discrimination and a lot of violence, he was brought up to believe in how own worth and his own personal rights as a human being. This autobiography highlights the struggles of this African American family, fighting for their rights in a world that wasn’t quite ready to give their rights to them.
Earl Little, Malcolm’s father, was part of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, which was a part of the public civil rights movement going on at the time. Earl was a member of this group under the hope to improve black rights and pride. When Malcolm was a child his family moved out of the Midwest and up to Michigan, where his father’s fight continued. In 1931, tragedy struck the Little family, when Earl was beaten to death by white men, who were never sentenced for their crime. After Earl’s death, the family struggled immensely, and hardly survived. Malcolm’s mother was committed to...

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...ply hate. While it is true that his words were not always so understanding, and he was often guilty of deep, hateful prejudice himself, the fruits of his life were not of hate. In the end, they were of tolerance. His faith brought him to a new, deeper understanding of the world around him, and his belief in God brought him to an acceptance of all races, for he saw that God had only eyes for the person inside, not the person outside. While there were many consequences to his early actions as a radical black activist, the way he saw the era of his ways displays true understand of a deeper connection he developed with the world around him. Malcolm Little became an icon to the American Society. He put so much of a impression on the American society that we still talk about him today. That is why I am writing this paper and speaking about his heroic mission for change.

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