Malcolm X Prison Studies Rhetorical Analysis

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“Prison Studies” is an excerpt out of the charismatic leader Malcolm X’s autobiography. Throughout the excerpt, he tells about the other prison inmates as being walking dictionaries, and wanting to be like them is what motivated Malcolm to want to educate himself. Secondly, he tells us about going through every page in the dictionary and writing down everything right down to the punctuation to work on penmanship and to learn vocabulary. Once he learned the English language, he started reading and writing books, up to fifteen hours a day, to try to fulfill his curiosity. Malcolm X had a purpose when writing “Prison Studies” and a certain audience he was trying to reach, and he made a big assumption that he expected readers to understand. The main purpose Malcolm X wrote “Prison Studies” was to show people that self-education is possible for anyone. He shows people by first finding something to motivate himself, such as wanting to be as educated as …show more content…

The reason I say one of his target audience is the people who have nothing and need a chance is that he was one of those people before prison. Once he got to prison, he had the resources and the motivation to educate himself and to change himself for the better. This should be an inspirational story for people that want to change because if he or she has the dedication and motivation to work for the things him or her want they are going to make their life better. Secondly, when I say he is targeting students that is because he is telling us about how he self-educated himself and how it took him so much work. Some students blame failing a class on the teacher, and this story is a prime example that self-education is possible. This simply shows students that if the teacher is not teaching well enough, that he or she can always educate themselves by finding the time and

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