Making a Difference - Fiction

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Making a Difference - Fiction

"Like what" replied Jenna who was studying every page from the latest

edition of "Teen Weekly"

"How would you like," replied Jenna's Mother,

"to be thrown out of your home with no money or clothes or-," she

paused to look at her daughter, who was sitting on the chair staring

at her magazine, obviously not paying attention to what was turning

out to be another one of her mothers lectures.

"you just don't care do you, you think you have it rough because you

have to share a room with your sister and you are not allowed top

brand clothing, but the truth is you do not and probably could not

understand what life is like in poorer countries not so far away from

here." Jenna's Mum snatched a leaflet from the letterbox and

interestingly began to read it.

"Look Jenna that old factory up the road is looking for helpers,"

"To do what," sighed Jenna

"To sort out clothing and other things that people who care have

donated for the refugees,"

Jenna showed a sudden interest, "I do care mum, if the price is right,

how much will I get paid"

"Jenna- Lorraine Stenhouse, sometimes I can't understand the things

you say, you are so heartless, and if you are an example of what the

next generation is, well by God what a horrifying world it will be,"

Jenna's mum sat down on the couch and glared at her daughter who by

now had started reading her magazine again, "you just carry on reading

that silly magazine because no matter what I say you will not care


"For God's sake mum give it a rest, I am sick of you and your do-good

acts, when will you learn I am not like you, I do have my own mind,"

shouted Jenna who was shielding herself behind her magazine. "Well, I

am sorry, I just want you to lend a hand in this community, you know

show you care."

Jenna knew how to resolve this argument but she dreaded the
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