A Letter from Holden from Catcher in the Rye

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A Letter from Holden from Catcher in the Rye Dear Holden, Hi mate, what’s gone wrong with you? I can’t believe this has happened to you. You were fine when I left, after Allie dying and all. You know when I last saw you I was with Rachel (The English Actress). Well I proposed to her and she said yes. I am organising our honeymoon and the wedding so I am a bit tied up at the moment. So that is why I am writing a letter and not coming down to see you in person. In your previous letter, on a few occasions, you seemed to talk as if you were a different person. I wanna give you some advice. It will be easier if I tell you how I would have acted, or how you should have acted, just to help you. I remember you told me about that guy, Stradlater, and he was going on a date with Jane. He asked you to do an essay for him. I wouldn’t have done it for him; you have got your own life, try living it brother. Why didn’t you tell him you didn’t want to do it for him? If he was an alright guy he would have stayed at the school and written it himself. He was walking all over you and he only did it because you did not have anything better to do, because you were getting kicked out of Pencey in a few days. The thing with you is that you just can’t help yourself. Stradlater started talking for ages about Jane Gallagher and his date with her and you were stunned by this information. So when you stopped talking he just asked you. “Will you do it for me then?” and you gave in to him. It didn’t take any persuasion. Nothing. Later on in your letter, you talked about meeting this pimp, Maurice, in a lift. He asked you if you wanted to have some fun that night. Why? Why did you say yes? You don’t have to have a prostitute to have a good time. They are for sick, old perverts, not a sixteen-year-old, Holden. When the girl turned up, you should have just given her the money and made her leave. You didn’t even have to talk to her. She had her own life and she either wanted to have sex or go back to sleep. When that pimp came back because you didn’t give the girl enough money you should have just given the money to him. In your description he sounded huge, so I would have given him it.
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