Main Theme Of True Love In 'Love's Alchemy'

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In the poem “Love’s Alchemy” by Donne, the main theme of love is to explain to those claiming to have true love, that they’ve been deceived because true love doesn’t exist despite how much was given up to pursue the love. For instance, lines, “I should not find that hidden mystery./ Oh, ‘tis imposture all!/” and, “Our ease, our thrift, our honour, and our day,/ Shall we for this vain bubble’s shadow pay?/” are evidence of how love is viewed. It’s obvious that the speaker is portraying that even though he’s tried to unravel the mystery of true love, he could never do it because the mystery is fake because true love is impossible. Also, the speaker comments that it would be useless to sacrifice everything in the sake of true love because nothing would be gained.
Main Theme in the View of Alchemy: In the poem “Love’s Alchemy” by Donne, the main theme of alchemy is to create a comparison between those seeking true love and alchemist seeking the elixir. The love seekers and alchemist are similar because they are both in love with reaching their goal. For instance, the lines, “Some that have deeper digg’d love’s mine than I,/ Say, where his
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For instance, the speaker’s lines illustrates that theme, “That loving wretch that swears/ ‘Tis not the bodies marry, but the minds,/ Which he in her angelic finds,/ Would swear as justly that he hears,/ In that day’s rude hoarse minstrelsy, the spheres./” However, the speaker contradicts himself in the next lines, “Hope not for mind in women; at their best/ Sweetness and wit, they are, but mummy, possess’d./” From these lines, we can conclude that the speaker claims that even if a man finds a woman who is mentally compatible, there still will be no true love because women do not have minds and are simply possessed with sweetness and some level of
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