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The NHS was then finalised during 1948, the main role of the NHS was to reduce health inequalities throughout Britain, so that everyone could be treated the same way, whatever their finance stability, job status and location. They believed that this programme should have reduced inequalities throughout Britain. It was created by Aneurin Bevan and Edwin Chadwick but it was successful until the Prime Minister at the time who was Margaret Thatcher accepted the Bill through Parliament. The NHS included the Public Health Acts such as maternal and child welfare, availability for beds in hospitals and General Doctors in local areas. The NHS also included things such as Vaccinations and Immunisations and social work skills such as home helps and also …show more content…

Although ethnic minorities have access to Health Care’s such as GP’s and Hospitals, it does not mean that they get equal care to the White British groups. Pilgrim and Rogers have noted “Black People have different perceptions of services from white users, whether one of mistrust or of cynicism about the quality of treatment they might receive” (Barry,A.M and Yuill, C: 2012) Afro- Caribbean group tend to not see GP’s or other healthcare professions, men tend to just let things health and women tend to use home remedies. In Donovan’s research with Black People’s Health, Men say they do not go to GP’s because they do not like doctors and because of the waiting times. Carlton “I don’t like waitin when I’m sick, I’d rather just go home, sleep it off” (Donovan, J: 1986) Black minorities having a high percentage in mental illnesses, Black people are both over represented in admissions to psychiatric hospitals (Bhui et al. 2003), more likely to be admitted compulsorily and placed in secure units, and more likely to have been in conflict with the police (Barry, A.M and Yuill, C: 2012) Because they are seen as threatening and aggressive. As a result, ethnic minorities not just Black Minorities make less use of psychiatric services than white people. (Donovan, J:

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