Magical Realism Research Paper

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Magical Realism
The art when a highly detailed realistic setting is invaded or interrupted by something unrealistic or strange to believe, is now called magical realism. It began as Magic realism or Magischer Realismus, which was invented during the1920s in Germany, in relation to the painting of the Weimar Republic that tried to capture the mystery of life behind surface reality. Marvelous realism was introduced to Latin America in 1940s as an expression of the mixture between magical and realistic views in life. This was expressed on different literary works, as well as in their art it became part of the culture. During the 1950s in relation with the Latin America marvelous realism, magical realism was adopted as the new term that is used to refer to any work of art that has magical happenings in realistic facts in which the supernatural is not a simple or obvious matter, instead is adopted as a common occurrence on ones daily life. The supernatural is accepted, interpreted and digested normally in the literary realism.
Magical realism is a literary genre in which, magical elements are a normal part of a realistic environment. An example of magical realism can be when a character in the story continues to be alive beyond a normal length of life, as it may continue exist throughout a set of different generations. The story represents the character as a normal character and gives no supernatural attributions to it, yet such character will break the rules of our world. The author ill provide certain details to show the reader the use of magical realism. It would probably provide the date of birth and different stages of life to show the growth of the person in time to demonstrate how the character has continued to exist thought...

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...credible. His way of representing magical realism is excellent and not too far from reality. He presents events such as horrible unlivable massacres as an event that may become normal to a society that gets used to attacks therefore its not so far from reality. In A Hundred Years Of Solitude he keeps past present and future together. Confusing characters and readers but allowing readers and some characters to realize how time moves forward but remains steady and it’s a constant repetition where the past is lost. A complicated but clever way of depicting magical realism, he uses irony and repetition also common literary devices used in magical realism just like in the house of the spirits.
Authors like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Isabel Allende have done an excellent job creating amazing work of literature that contain exquisite examples of magical realism.
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