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When searching and analyzing which topic to choose for my research paper I was a little bit confused but then I stopped at a very interesting for me and hopefully for my group mates topic which sounds Economic Impacts of Hispanic Immigration. I have chosen this topic as it is very actual and troublesome situation for many American workers. For the beginning I choose one source (article) where I can discus the topic.

Does Immigration Hurt U.S. Workers? – Nowadays it is the main meaningful and very instable question for many skilled (experienced) politicians and economists who can not answer this critical question directly, without doubts and misunderstandings that is why the rest of the public is left looking for answers. The only one, simple answer is that unfortunately there are no certain answers.

The economy is so various that it produces jobs for over 144 million people; many forces are at work all the time. In case if immigration is isolated – U.S.-born workers will remain unworkable. From some researches and statistics is known that in the U.S the percentage of foreign-born workers aged 16 and older increased by more than 60% between 1990 and 2000, in some states it more than doubled. In 2000, 15% of U.S.-born workers lived in states where the quick influx of foreign-born workers could possible be seen as having a negative impact.

Considering the tale of two states, Nevada and Arkansas, which are both of the same size, Nevada which had a workforce of 1.5 million and Arkansas 2 million, but in 2000, in Nevada the employment rate for U.S.-born workers grow up and consisted seven percentage points higher than in Arkansas, which left behind the national average – and it automatically appears a question: What made a state a potential winner or loser? In both states, migrant workers tripled between 1990 and 2000, which means that U.S.-born workers fared better in the state with a much larger immigrant workforce.

Generally all this enormous numbers of immigrant workers show and clarify one point that immigration alone does not explain starkly different outcomes for U.S.-born workers. If the country is continuing to deny and debate immigration policy, measures of economic impact won’t anyway resolve the argument one way or another. (“Does Immigration Hurt U.S. Workers?”)

After reading carefully and attentively the article I can conclude that on the one hand the increasing of immigration in US is painful and negative to native-born US workers especially low-skilled workers but on the other hand continuing to provide US with the immigrant work force is not so bad but even good for the American economy.
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