Macbeth Character Analysis

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Playing hero in a tragedy In every story there are always characters that as readers are drawn towards and grown fonder of them, no one likes a story that they can not relate to. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth tragedy, Macbeth is the character that most people feel for. Macbeth displays the general characteristics of a tragic hero throughout the play, catharsis, hubris and he is very easy to relate to. Throughout the play you feel bad for Macbeth, he is truly someone you can relate to and show remorse for. Early in the play in order for Macbeth to become king of Cawdor, Macbeth must kill the king at the time Duncan. Macbeth does not want to do the deed but is forced to go through with the plan by his lady. “If the assassination could trammel up the consequence, and catch his surcease” (I.vii.2-4). Macbeth is starting to rethink the deed he is going to commit by killing Duncan; Macbeth is given the idea that there will be no consequences for his actions. Readers start to see perfect examples of hubris in Macbeth; Macbeth starts to believe he is above everyone and can get out of any situation he is put into. With all of the murders Macbeth commits through out the play he begins to display that he is above fait and he is able to outwit karma. Readers start to think something is truly wrong mentally with Macbeth; the man no longer values the lives of others. “They pluck out mine eyes! Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hands?”(II.ii.60). even after the empty feeling and disgusting feeling of murder after killing Duncan, Macbeth seems shaken by the event that just took place. Soon after, Macbeth is ready to commit another murder. This time the murder of someone closer to his heart, Banqou and his son Fleance. ... ... middle of paper ... ... and he lead by example. The best type of leader, a tragic hero must be noble or a great leader. Whoa! Macbeth is both of those things! During his mental breakdown it was clear that Macbeth was slowly losing his value for life, whether it was his own or the people that he murdered he realized certain things about himself and life in general. Most people when reading Macbeth might be able to guess the ending, the death of Macbeth may have been predictable but did he get what he deserved, the death was overkill. “Re-enter Macduff, with macbeth’s head” (V.viii.54). His head was completely taken off by the sword of Macduff. No one deserves that much no matter how severe the crime committed. As a character in a play Macbeth is the easiest one that as readers you are able to connect with on almost a personal level. He is playing a hero in the tragic play of Macbeth.

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