Essay On Tragic Hero In Macbeth

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Macbeth fits well into the mould of a Shakespearean tragic hero. He had many noble qualities as well as several tragic flaws. Macbeth is viewed as a hero because in the beginning of the play he is depicted as a courageous, brave and good nobleman, although he is eventually brought down by two main factors, which are his persistence on listening to what the witches told him, and his overwhelming ambition. Eventually and progressively through the play, his flaws start out weighing the good aspects of his personality until all that can be seen of Macbeth is his poor qualities.

Macbeth was a courageous and strong nobleman, and because of this was very popular at the beginning of the book. He shows this in the first act of the play when he is victorious in the battle against the Norwegians. It is also evident at this point and time in the play that he is highly regarded by others that know him. This is evident when the Sergeant says, “ For Brave Macbeth (well he does deserve that name)” (I, ii, 16) There is also evidence that King Duncan himself regards Macbeth very highly when he says, “ O valiant cousin,
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This sets the reader up to feel sorry for him when bad things happen to him, although Macbeth’s troubles are brought on himself. Two of the main points that contribute to Macbeth’s fall are the fact that he listens into the prophecies of the witches far too deeply, and that he is over-ambitious. Because he takes what the witches tell him so seriously, Macbeth’s life ends up being consumed with the maintenance of his kingship. Macbeth loses his wife, his popularity, and eventually his own life. Because of Macbeth’s over-ambitiousness, he finds himself killing his best friend, and fighting against all odds to maintain his goal of being king. This is why Macbeth is a tragic hero, because as readers we feel sorry for him, but we really