Macbeth Brave Character Analysis

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In Act 1, Macbeth is a brave and noble soldier ready to die for his king, Duncan. He is considered a hero after taking a leading role in defeating the invading army. We know this from his defeat of Macdonwald and the Norwegian king. King Duncan was thrilled with this victory and decides to make Macbeth his new Thane of Cawdor. In Act 1, scene 2 Macbeths victory is recognized recognition and status and he is praised by the captain. "For brave Macbeth,-well he deserves that name...."Macbeth is presented as a brave man who led King Duncan 's forces to victory. Shakespeare creates an impression to the audience of Macbeth as a servant of bravery as the word "brave" suggests he is very loyal and noble . His brutality in the battlefield revealed his courageousness and that is why the Captain calls Macbeth ‘ brave Macbeth’. This shows the respect and status Macbeth has gained which portrays him as a very heroic character. kings Furthermore, Lady Macbeth knew Macbeth was a kind person . This is evident when we read "Yet I do fear thy nature; It is too full o ' the milk of human kindness, To catch the nearest way." (act 1 scene 5).This tells us that Lady Macbeth is suggesting that Macbeth is a caring and …show more content…

Macbeth learns that the first prophecy has come true. He thinks deeply about being king as he has a huge craving for power and status. Macbeth was persuaded into this evil act. This is evident when we read 'When you durst to do it, then you were a man, ' (Act 1 Scene 7) . This suggests Lady Macbeth is saying Macbeth is no longer a man. And then, trying to persuade him, she says that to be king "more than what you were" would be to be much more of a man. Lady Macbeth 's constant aggravation pushed Macbeth and made him commit all this

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