Macbeth Tragic Hero Analysis

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A tragic hero is someone born into a noble lifestyle, destined for greatness, but is tested by fate through great destruction and suffering. In the book Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, this concept is well demonstrated in the main characters uprising. When Macbeth chooses the wrong path, he is led by his ambition to his destruction. The presence of an active flaw, the struggle to eliminate it when too late and the path to demise it created are all reasons Macbeth’s story is tragic. As a result, Macbeth’s tragic flaw of ambition led him to become a tragic hero.
First of all, Macbeth started to become a tragic hero when many of his decisions allowed him to act upon his ambition in a negative way. For instance, Macbeth encouraged his ambition
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First of all, in an emotional aspect, it led to his demise as he lost all feeling and meaning to his life. In his castle, whilst preparing for the battle, Macbeth hears the cry of a women. Seyton enters to inform him that Lady Macbeth has killed herself. “Tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow// Creeps in this petty pace from day to day// To the last syllable of recorded time;...// Out, out, brief candle,// Life’s but a walking shadow” (Ⅴ.Ⅴ, 18-20, 22-23). In learning the death of his wife, Macbeth expresses feelings of pointlessness towards life as a he no longer has anything important worth fighting for. Ultimately, with the lose of his wife and soon to be throne, he becomes depressed as a result of his ambition. To continue, Macbeth was led to his demise…show more content…
By choosing to murder the family, Macduff’s rage was enough to want revenge on Macbeth, having him killed. Approaching the final scenes, Malcolm and Macduff have been informed of Macbeth's latest murder. When Macduff becomes sore hearted, Malcolm steps in with words of guidance. “Be this the whetstone of your sword, let grief// Convert to anger. Blunt not the heart, enrage it.” (Ⅳ.Ⅲ, 231-232) . In these words, Macduff is told to use his rage with his sword to finally have Macbeth slaine, which inevitably brought him to his demise. After everything, Macbeth became a tragic hero because he could not and would not control his flaw, which eventually resulted in his untimely
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