"M" Magazine: Not Appropriate for Teenagers

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The teenage years are difficult because of puberty. During puberty your body is going thru changes, your hormones are raging, and people who were once lifetime friends no longer want to have anything to do with you. For today's teen these challenges can be even more difficult with more pressured to have sex earlier, they face challenges with keeping up with trending fashion, and home environments that are much different then they were ten years ago. Teens also are forced to keep up with unrealistic expectations of looking like they just stepped out of a photo shoot where the skinnier you are the more excepted and attractive you become. Most young teens do not take into account that in order for there bodies to keep up with these unrealistic expectations they have to engage in not eating and could become anorexic or binging and purging by taking laxatives or making themselves vomit that could lead to bulimia. In selecting a magazine it was not too amazing to see how much things have changed since I was a teenager. I decided to pick up a magazine called “M” and read the articles inside to present in my paper. One of the things that I noticed about this magazine was an advice column. This advice column consisted of questions sent in by teenagers and then a celebrity would provide advice to the teen asking the question. As a parent this was alarming to me for a couple of reasons. The first reason I found celebrity advice disturbing is because they are not parents themselves and the second reason is because stars are not trained professionals and they could send out the wrong signals or give bad advice. One of the questions asked by a teen in the magazine was a twelve year old girl that was concerned because she had a curvy figure. ... ... middle of paper ... ...rough are going to look for these issues by television, internet, books, or friends. Teens that get advice from alternative methods get the “romantic” perception about sex without the negative consequences of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. (Berk 210) As a parent I would not allow my child to read this magazine. I am a younger mother I am 29 and my son will be nine this year and fortunately he could care less about looking like someone else. My son has been raised in a Christian home and I don't even let him watch anything besides cartoon because of the sexual implication in many television shows. The images in this magazine I find to be very disrespectful when you have a teenager or young woman parading around in a bikini and a pair of stilettos that is not appropriate in my eyes so I would not let my son buy or read this magazine.
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