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As a President that stepped up to the plate in a crisis, and showed his caring ability to his country, Lyndon B. Johnson was an above average President. One may look down the line of Presidents of the United States and cannot say the same for about half or more of them. Johnson, who was born and raised in Stonewall, Texas. He was born in a small farmhouse on the Pedernales River (President Lyndon B. Johnson's Biography). There was a town nearby that was named Johnson City, named after the family due to their farming and ranching abilities. He struggled a lot in when he went to school (Lyndon B. Johnson). He married Claudia “Lady Bird” Taylor after a courtship in 1934, he then campaigned for the House of Representatives on a “New Deal Platform” (LBJ: Biography). He served in both, the United States Senate, and in the House of Representatives (Lyndon B. Johnson
When Johnson was a Vice President, he was the head of the space program. He also worked to push for equalities amongst everyone. He felt that every individual should be equal and have an equal opportunity. Not many other presidents felt the same way about equal opportunities. After President Kennedy was assassinated, Johnson had to step up to the plate and take control. He handled the situations with mass calmness because he knew what he had to do. Sure the assassination came as a surprise to America and Johnson, but distant measure had to be taken and Lyndon B. Johnson became the United States President on November 22, 1963 (November 22, 1963: Death of the President).
His first duties as a new president were to follow through with Kennedy’s enactments such as the new civil rights bill and a tax cut (Lyndon B. Johnson; The White House). The civil rights act ba...

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... He fought his way to do everything he could to end our nations poverty and he made medical insurance available for the elders above the age of 65. He wanted everyone to be equal and have equal rights so he passed four different legislations such as; The Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, Immigration Acts, and the Twenty-Fourth Amendment. These all outlawed discrimination against races and origins. He also helped form the education program by designing a preschool program for children. By creating the Job Corps Youth training program, it created equal opportunity to obtain and maintain a job in the work force. Overall, Lyndon B. Johnson was a wonderful man that accomplished so many different goals and truly helped America’s society, poverty, and made sure that everyone was equal. He is an above average president with a kind heart that made America a better place.

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