Ludlow And Dudley Castle

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Ludlow And Dudley Castle Ludlow Caste was built around 1085. Castles built around this time were mostly Motte and Bailey. This made a good defence but was not typical of castle defences. Ludlow Castle was the first stone castle, which was unusual. Because of its Royal Connections a lot of money was spent on Ludlow Castle especially on better defences. Dudley Castle on the other hand is different and is a Motte and Bailey castle. Motte and Bailey castles are typical and were common. Later on Dudley Castle was demolished and remade into a stone castle. Dudley Castle is built on a natural hill, which is a good defence whilst Ludlow Castle is not built on a hill but has a steep 100ft drop. A steep drop makes it harder for the enemy to climb up or attack. This defence is not typical because no other castle will have a 100ft drop. This is an excellent choice of location and makes an ideal defence. Dudley Castle has evidence of a Motte running around because I noticed a pond and ditch like features. Ludlow Castle only had a ditch around the inner bailey. We know this is not a Motte because it has a door room inside the ditch; this is probably where they went through to collect the dead bodies of their enemies. Both castles have barbicans and both castles also have high walls. Ludlow Castle has a river and so has a drawbridge. Dudley and Ludlow Castle both have crenellations. Ludlow Castle also has machicolations this meant that it was well defended as they could throw missiles from the flanking towers above. The most typical thing about both castles is that they both have a Keep, which was the most important part of the castle. Most of Ludlow Castles' defences are typical but it has a few which are original. For example the 100ft drop. I think Ludlow's defences are very strong and it would be hard to conquer. [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Sirrvet Bukhari 11W Ludlow And Dudley Castle Coursework

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