Lucid Dream Paradise

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Our Very Own Paradise Sleep is the passageway to a paradise, a paradise we call our dreams. Dreams are naturally random and illogical, but what if we had the ability to mold them in any way we please? This is actually very possible; it is phenomenon called lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams are a very rare and difficult to remember, so they require a lot of practice. Thankfully, there are three methods that can help induce and force them to occur. These techniques are: dream-initiated lucid dreaming, wake-initiated lucid dreaming, and the use of lucid dreaming aids. All these procedures will require that you at least have some control over your “dream persona” and the dream landscape. Dream-initiated lucid dreaming occurs when a person is experiencing …show more content…

There are multiple other tactics that can help you reach a state of dream awareness. Meditating before going to sleep is one of those. Pay attention to your breathing and imagine ascending or descending stairs. You want your mind to stop thinking and enter a quiet, blank state (How to Lucid Dream). Alternatively, you can try to listen to binaural beats. It sends a different sound frequency to each ear that combines together without making a single beat. This causes a change in your brain’s electrical activity and might induce a lucid dream (How to Lucid Dream). Another thing that you could try is playing videogames. Psychologist Jayne Gackenbach from Grant MacEwan University believes that playing videogames gives you practice to control dreams. She found that people who play videogames report a much higher rate of lucid dreaming than the general population (Glasser). Also, a more dangerous way to reach lucid dreams is through the use of supplements. Galantamine and B5/B6 vitamins, when taken at a high does can help induce lucid dreaming, but due to unpleasant side effects it is recommended to be taken occasionally and at your own risk (How to Lucid Dream). Lastly, it is very important to prolong a lucid dream as it starts to fade. People usually get really excited from experiencing a lucid dream and end up waking up. When you start feeling your dream becoming unstable spin your dream body …show more content…

But to be able to call on this power, you will need a copious amount of training. If you follow one of the three methods stated above (dream-initiated lucid dreaming, wake-initiated lucid dreaming, and the use of lucid dreaming aids) you will be much closer to unlocking the ability to control and be aware inside your dreams. Every time you close your eyes and welcome the touch of slumber, you will be welcomed into your very own paradise. This paradise will follow everything you divinely decree, for you are now its celestial

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