Lower the Cost of Health Foods because Obesity Rates are Rising

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Lower the Cost of Health Foods
In America today, the economy is rapidly turning for the worst. People are losing jobs which means the unemployment rates are increasing. With Americans struggling to stay on their feet financially, they must lower their standards and do what they can to maintain a roof over their family’s head and food on the table, regardless the circumstances. Times are tough for many families, and with the costs of healthy and nutritious meals being relatively expensive, it makes it that much easier to find something cheaper and quicker to consume. It was stated in one article that a healthy diet is “also a real barrier for some low-income families, for whom it would translate to about an extra $550 a year” (1:/mkq4fuv). There are so many problems today with obesity rates rising, food insecure college students, and the lack of support from the government to help achieve lowering the cost of health foods that something needs to be done. This country is not going to get any healthier, or happier, if things do not change soon.

As seen from day to day, obesity is quickly becoming a normal part of society instead of a concern. Children today are considerably getting unhealthier with every day that passes by. In lower socioeconomic classes, obesity is quite common because the foods affordable in their price range are anything but healthy, for example, fast foods, frozen foods, high calorie-low nutrient dense meals. The United States obesity rates have more than doubled since the late seventies and there was a significant change in weight of Americans, as shown in FIGURE 1. Because families are only able to afford the high calorie, low nutrient foods, they crave more food and sugar since most of the calories they take in are empty. When someone consumes empty calories, it makes them more likely to indulge on fatty foods because they are not receiving the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to survive. We see that from indulging on unhealthy foods, one could easily become overweight or even obese.


In today’s society, college students face many trials in and out of the classroom. Among these problems is the constant struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In a recent study it was stated that “59 percent of students at a midsize university in Oregon were food insecure at some point during the previous year.
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