Love, Decisions, and Sacrifice in Robert Frost's Love and a Question

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“Love and a Question” by Robert Frost is trying to get readers to see that love can be strong and change people’s mindset from doing the need or want to help to something that could wait. In this poem Frost uses the ideas of love, decisions and sacrifice to get his point of love and how decisions are made across to the reader. Love is a big part of human life. Love in this poem can be described in two different ways. One way is the love of helping people. The other way is the love of a relationship. The love of a relationship is more than a feeling when it is real. It is a sensation, a connection, something that can not be replaced. In the poem the speaker is torn between the two types of love at first. It is shown in the first two stanzas that the speaker does not know what to choose. Either to let the stranger into the house and not make love to his new wife, or not let the stranger in and send him out into the dangerous night and make love to his wife. The last line of the poem shows that the speaker in someway have feelings for the stranger. The speaker wish he knew what would happen to the stranger after he sent him out into the night. The love that is relationship in the poem is shown to win it by the end of the poem. The speaker sends the stranger off with a piece of bread, some money and a prayer. Even though the speaker helped the stranger out in a way, the thought of the love that was going be made from his wife conquered his thought of helping the man out of the unforgivable night. Lines 25-27 backs up the fact that the speaker made the decision of sending the man of into the night. The love the speaker have for the stranger is not a lot. He thinks of helping the man but the thought of sex overrules it. At the end of ... ... middle of paper ... ...acrificing a few items. The speaker could have been waiting for this moment to give love to his other all his lifetime of being with her. Now was the opportunity to do it and he took up on it. The placement love can put a person in is not always the best one. It could be a decision called that could affect the people around you. It could be a right or wrong decision that lead to a bad or wrong outcome. Throughout this poem the ideas of love, sacrifices, and decision making is all thoughts that get to the overall point of love. Love is not always good, it can be dangerous and put you in a situation that is not the best. “Love and a question” allows readers to think of every other outcome that could be taken if things be different in the setup. Robert Frost throughout this poem put everything together to make an excellent piece of work that gets straight to the point.

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