Louverture's Efforts as Leader of the Haitian Revolution

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The Haitian Revolution was time of hectic blood shed war. Toussaint Louverture was the leader of the Haitians out of slavery and free from the Spanish. The colony of St. Domingue was a slave island, where slaves would work to make goods to be sent to Spain in return for nothing. The people were treated harsh and done wrong but by the efforts of Louverture they will become free. Louverture was the leader of the revolution but failed to complete his duties because of capture Jean- Jacques Dessalines took over in 1802. He was captured before the war before the end of the war. The Revolution lasted from 1789-1803 until everything was settled and St. Domingue was a free land called Haiti.

Toussaint Louverture was a free man of color in the colony of St. Domingue, he was one of the few free men of color in the colony most were slaves. Louverture was a former educated slave who wanted to end slavery in his home island. (Katz) Toussaint was born in about 1743 into a slave family, “Toussaint’s owner, actively encouraged him to learn to read and write. He developed a passion for books and his readings were to become a great influence in his political life. Toussaint was freed from slavery at around the age of 33 and colonial records show that he became a land and slave owner himself”( Toussaint then later in 1789 led the slaves out of slavery defeating the French.

The French were shocked by this action from their colony; they also were worried that their moneymaking colony was going to rebel. Toussaint and his army got off to a fast start and never slowed down defeating the French when they sent military to control the rebellion. Toussaint was a genius by staying loyal to France as he built his army and made allies ...

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...thought the war was over and the Haitians were going to throw in the towel but they rallied together under Dessalines to win their freedom from France and become the second colony ever to become an independent nation. The Haitians beat the French proving that a revolution can be done to people and winning their freedom.

The Haitian revolution was a time of hope in the eyes of the slaves of St. Domingue; they had a chance to be free. Toussaint Louverture was their ticket to success without him the Haitians would have lost and bee controlled by the French. Who knows what Haiti would be without the revolution. Louverture did all he could for the Haitians to help them be free but never got to see the end product of his work. Toussaint probably smiled down from heaven when the final document was signed and the island of St. Domingue was now a new nation called Haiti.
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