The Haitian Revolution In Saint Domingue

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The Haitian Revolution The French Revolutions ideology of freedom and equality lead to the Haitian revolution in Saint Domingue. Saint Domingue was one of the richest colonies in the entire world during this time. It made a big profit for France, but the rules were also unfair. They favored only to the slave owners and whites. This is why many slaves wanted to revolt. Before the revolution, Saint Domingue was a major producer of coffee and sugar. Before the revolution started in Saint Domingue, Saint Domingue was producing 60% of the coffee around the world and produced 40% of the worlds sugar at the same time (Haitian Revolution, Comparing all the French colonies, Saint Domingue was the most profitable and the most successful of its possessions. Saint Domingue was the most prosperous and wealthiest island in the Caribbean, but for Plantation Owners. In 1789, mulattoes were about 28,000, followed by white people which where 32,000, and the last group was black slaves, which numbered up to 500,000 (Haitian Revolution, The lowest class in saint Domingue was the black slaves, which outnumbered the whites 10 to 1. Saint Domingue had so many slaves that out of the 1 million slaves at this time in the Caribbean, the slave population in saint Domingue mad up half of it. Since this colony was mostly driven by its slave labor, it was one of the richest and the colony that gave more profit of them all in that time. What made this colony one of the richest colonies was their land. Their soil was very fertile and it had and ideal climate, letting it grow a lot of its main productions, like sugar, coffee, cocoa, Indigo, tobacco, cotton and vegetables. When the revolution started to spark in 1789, there we... ... middle of paper ... ...e. Slave owners from the south also reacted with more anger towards slave abolitionists from the north. Second, after the revolution, Napoleon wanted to get out of the Americas quickly, selling Louisiana to the USA. Slaves are often repressed and mistreated, but in Saint Domingue, the way that the slaves were treated reached another level. Many owners threatened their slaves by telling them that they are going to be sold to owners in Saint Domingue. Slaves in Saint Domingue were the slaves that were the most mistreated in the entire world. They worked hard every day to give their owners large profit. In Saint Domingue, slave mistreat was big and un-human. Many slaves suffered during the revolution and many died to get to the middle of everything. Slaves did whatever they could to become free and they worked very hard. Their hard work paid of and they became free.

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