Lord of The Rings Analysis

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he Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring is a fantasy novel set in an entirely different time period and in an extraordinarily different world. This story is part of a trilogy that transitions seamlessly into the ending of the prequel book, “The Hobbit.” At the end of “The Hobbit,” Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit, a hobbit is a half-sized human, comes home from an adventure and during his journey, he manages to obtain a magical ring. This ring is magical because when you happen to wear it, you turn invisible. It also had the power to prolong the life of the wearer. The start of the Fellowship begins with Bilbo's 111th birthday and Bilbo is getting ready to leave the Shire. The Shire is the region of Middle-Earth where the hobbits reside. Middle-Earth is the continent in which this story takes place. So Bilbo is looking to leave the Shire and wants to leave his possessions with his cousin, Frodo Baggins, who is much younger then he is. Amongst these possessions is the magical ring. Bilbo has second thoughts about giving Frodo the ring but is talked into doing so by his good friend Gandalf the Grey. Gandalf the Grey is one of a few powerful wizards that inhabit Middle-Earth. Gandalf fears that the ring that has been in Bilbo's possession for so long could be the “one ring,” The “one ring” is a ring of myth and has been lost to history. It was created by Sauron who was the most powerful being to ever exist and was pure evil. With the power of the “one ring” he almost brought Middle-Earth to destruction and complete tyranny. Sauron was defeated and the “one ring” was supposedly destroyed or at least believed to be. It happened to not be the case and during Bilbo's adventures when he was younger, he stumbled upon th... ... middle of paper ... ...ce Sauron as true evil. Leaving Lorien, the Fellowship proceeds by boat along the Aduin, the great river. Eventually the party finally meets Gollum who has been following them ever since they left Rivendell. They decide to do nothing about him and instead pity him for what he has become. The party finally reaches the Falls of Rauros and must decide whether to head toward Mordor or go directly to the city of Minas Tirith, the capital of the Southern lands. Boromir ultimately becomes consumed with the Ring's power and he decides to take it for himself. He confronts Frodo and Frodo is forced to fend off Boromir. Realizing the power of the ring and his inability to trust other people, Frodo decides that he must go on to Mordor alone. He tries to leave discretely but Sam notices him trying to flee and follows him, and so the two set out together for Mordor.
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