London Case Analysis

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Lets put ourselves into the shoes of a London resident, shall we? Walking down the road, a fellow civilian begins a conversation with us, soon inquiring on the area which we reside. Simple question, correct? Wrong. Throughout London there has remained a divide between East and West London since the Victorian Era. West side London remains blessed with the reputation of maintaining a family-friendly, uppity, and wealthy neighborhood; while the East side has remained notorious for it’s more difficult and not-so-friendly areas filled with crime. East London has had a rather negative reputation for decades at this point, and can generally be recognized as the half of London containing the working class people residing in poor suburban areas. In contrast to the East, West London depicts the glorious scenery that all people imagine after watching a film which is set in England. The department stores surrounding pristine apartment buildings, all centralized around gorgeous green…show more content…
Unfortunately, with the poverty level in the East End remaining so high, the crime rate has incidentally increased. Since the 1960s, the East End has been associated with gang activity, and overall gained a pretty harsh reputation for being one of, if not the worst area in London, England. In comparison to the east end of London, Harlem has too had it’s fair share of social issues. Being seen as essentially the worst part of the Manhattan borough, Harlem withholds the highest jobless rate in New York City, as well as the worst rate of AIDS and teenage pregnancy. East Harlem has the second most public housing units in New York City, and is looked at as gritty and disgusting. East London and East Harlem maintain the same notoriety for maintaining a dirty, and unsafe area of residence for anyone visiting these parts of the