Limiting Social Media Networks

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Should there be limitations on social media networks? As the world evolves in many aspects, one of the most notable progressions known to man is the advances of technology. These advancements brought forth the emergence of various enterprises of social media networks. Beginning with the prominent intranet establishment of Myspace that offered different styles of communication and entertainment, this initiative led to the various launches of distinctive social media networks. Although these networks were created to encourage interactions, blatant observations have shown that all interactions are not deemed positively, presenting room for the many needed limitations. Although these boundaries need to be placed due to the high risk and potential danger, it could cause. Such potential danger emphasizes two of the most substantial factors that insist the formation of these barricades: insurmountable accessibility and possible deformation. Although social media networks, often demand such limitations it also serves as a gateway and as a beneficial assistance in terms of networking. Serving as the centralizing factor social media networks connect people across the world daily, vital information about the user’s location, upcoming events, and lifestyle/routine are often posted onto the user’s profile. Many social network sites have established requirements for their users to identify themselves by utilizing their mobile phone numbers. Granted that certain laws and privacy acts protect this information from being accessible, there are various forms of spyware that can decode and hack into the user’s information. As some information is often displayed freely to the general public, this could produce problems and precautions for those whom ... ... middle of paper ... ...ts, social media network have the influential power to be negative; it has distorted society’s perception of freedom of speech by awarding users the privilege of stating their views and opinions onto the internet regardless of how biased and dishonorable they could be. This lack of understanding can lead to the deformation of the character of others while taking harmless acts out of context and depriving its users the true meaning of privacy. The disadvantages and dangers of social media networks outweigh the benefits as this generation of users and providers negate the morality presented away from the internet. Works Cited "Social Media Statistics." Statistics. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Feb. 2014. Rose, Sandra. "LeBron James’ Inappropriate Photo With Chris Bosh’s Daughter : Sandra Rose." Sandra Rose RSS. N.p., 22 Jan. 2014. Web. 07 Feb. 2014.
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