Life In Mars: The Existence Of Life In Mars

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Over the years, scientists have wondered whether the Earth is the only space body that is capable of sustaining life. There is evidence to support both theories, but we still don't know for sure that we are not the only kind of life out there.
There are different space bodies that are most important to have life in them; some of these places are Mars, Europa, Titan, Enceladus, and Ganymede and Calysto. One of the main reasons why scientists strongly believe that there is a good chance of life in Mars is because there is sufficient facts to imply that it had running water on its surface millions of years ago. There’s also evidence that ice and water existed on this planet. This evidence supports scientists who believe that life existed at some point on Mars. This data was discovered when the images taken from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured some characteristics of the planet's surface. Scientists believe it was created by the melting ice. Also in May 2009, images of an unmanned spaceship showed what it seemed to look like drops on the surface that appeared to be built during the time of the mission of the spacecraft on Mars. Another place that has scientists believes life is a moon of Jupiter, Europa. Some of them believe that there is a giant, active salty ocean beneath its surface. This indicates that there is significant activity underneath that frozen surface. Another sign of life in Europe includes formations that looked like icebergs emerging from its surface, suggesting that oceans once covered the planet before it froze. The third space body where scientists think there is life is on one of Saturn's moons, called Enceladus. There are images taken by the Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn, proved that there are ice ...

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...anisms found on Earth, there too.
While there are many reasons to believethat there islife on other planets, however, there are some reasons that explain how extraterrestrial lifewould not be even possible. One of these arguments holds that extraterrestrial life should be very rare due to the time it takes for life to evolve is much longer than that of the existence of a star. Other reasons are that some planets in our solar system are eitherwaytoo hot orway too cold for life, and in some of them rains different kind chemicals, therefore, is potentially unlikely to life to exist on these space bodies.
From my own point of view, I believe that there might be life on other planets. It may or may not be intelligent life, but life nonetheless. With evidence of water ice in the space bodies mentioned above there is a good chance that there could be life in those places.
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