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Remember that one painting of a lady staring at you with no eyebrows? Her name was “Mona Lisa”, doesn't that sound so familiar to you? Leonardo da Vinci painted that during the Renaissance. The Renaissance was a great cultural and religious revival in Europe. There were many great artists during these times, but on top of all these great artists was the infamous procrastinator, Leonardo da Vinci! Leonardo was the best painter of the Renaissance and he was a true genius in anything he studied. He would usually procrastinate, as stated, but was an important role in realistic art, and anatomy during the Renaissance, that later played a big role in our advances today as well. In his early life he was a really talented and smart boy that lived with …show more content…

Da Vinci never actually finished the piece because he started to relocate in Milan and continued his career there. While in Milan he started to work under the ruling Sforza clan as a painter, sculptor, engineer, designer of court festivals, architect. The Sforza family requested that da Vinci would sculpt a 16-foot equestrian statue in bronze, to honor Francesco Sforza, the one who founded the dynasty of the Sforza clan. Leonardo worked on and off on the sculpture for 12 years and finally finished it and put it for display. The risk then was to get the statue to the duke without getting caught up in the war that had been going on in Milan. However, the bronze statue was destroyed in 1499 by enemy cannons after the Sforza duke fell from power. One of da Vinci’s many achievements was the “Mona Lisa”. This painting is awed by everyone in the world, and is hands-down one of the best paintings ever done by mankind. In the painting you can really see the realism and how Leonardo uses linear perspective and proportion. The “Mona Lisa” was painted from about 1503 to around 1506. The woman in this painting was everyone's favorite painting to look at during the Renaissance and because of the way da Vinci blended colors, and the way he took time to focus on the

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that leonardo da vinci was the best painter of the renaissance and a true genius in anything he studied.
  • Explains that da vinci was born on april 15, 1452. he was the child of caterina, a peasant from the middle east, and ser piero, who raised leonardo as much as they could.
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