Legislation against Pit Bulls and Owners in Sioux City, Iowa

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If you’re a pit bull owner in Sioux City, Iowa, you are faced with certain ordinances that make it more difficult to own and keep your dog. This is Sioux City’s attempt to keep its citizens’ safe and prevent the abuse and harm of the pitbull. The city is trying to promote safety and animal advocacy. This ordinance is not effective because it punishes the animal and not the owner; it also does not take into account the animals individual personality. Legislators should create laws that consider all dogs based on their individual behavior and hold owner accountable for their animals.

These types of ordinances are referred to Breed Specific Legislation or BSL. When lawmakers impose BSL on communities they are singling out specific breeds of dogs without allowing the animal to prove that it is a good citizen. The legislation ranges from an all out ban on the animal to heavily restricting the targeted breed. In Sioux City, the legislation currently will not allow any new pit bulls to enter city limits and all existing pit bulls must be registered with the city, micro-chipped, put on a six foot or shorter lead when being walked, walked by an adult 18 or older, and kept in an enclosed kennel or fence that is at least six feet tall (Sioux City Animal Control).

A pit bull is not a breed of dog but rather a type of dog. Pit bulls are several dogs of different breeds grouped together that exhibit similar characteristics. Some of the dogs that are most commonly referred to as a pit bull are: American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, Bull Terrier, and the Mini Bull Terrier. There are over twenty-five different bulldogs classified as pit-bull type dogs (Pitbull Advo...

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In this essay, the author

  • Argues that sioux city's ordinances make it more difficult to own and keep a pit bull. this ordinance is not effective because it punishes the animal and not the owner.
  • Explains that breed specific legislation (bsl) is a type of ordinance that imposes restrictions on certain breeds of dogs without allowing them to prove that they are good citizens.
  • Explains that pit bulls are different breeds of dogs grouped together that exhibit similar characteristics. there are over twenty-five different bulldogs classified as pit-bull type dogs.
  • Explains that those that support bsl believe that dangerous dogs are dangerous because of their breed and physical characteristics and not their individual behavior.
  • Explains that responsible owners have followed sioux city's laws and are willing to jump through hoops to keep their beloved dog in their home. however, irresponsible dog owners take a more careless approach to breed-specific legislation.
  • Analyzes how the city ordinance has made it harder to locate irresponsible owners who have not moved from sioux city.
  • Explains that sioux city's ordinance has caused a great degree of financial stress among responsible owners. the cost to construct an appropriate kennel can be very expensive.
  • Explains that the new laws have caused an over-population of dogs housed at animal control. the increased need for shelter space is due to the increase in pit-bulls coming through the facility.
  • Argues that breed specific laws are not effective because they do not get to the bottom of the problem. if owners were held accountable, irresponsible owners would lose their right to own dogs while responsible owners could continue to enjoy the breed of their choice.
  • Opines that strongly enforced dog control laws, generic guidelines for dealing with dangerous dogs, and increased public education efforts to promote responsible dog ownership are positive ways to protectcommunities.
  • Opines that breed specific legislation is not the answer, but a compromise of changing dangerous dog laws. dog owners need to be held accountable and liable for the dogs actions.
  • Opines that when a dog becomes dangerous it should be the owner that subjected to additional laws to keep the public safe. owners can maintain control of their animal by keeping it leashed when in public.
  • Opines that proper containment laws for all dogs should be implemented in all cities. dogs need to socialize with other dogs and people.
  • Opines that sioux city, ia's breed specific ordinance has a negative impact on the pit bull, and that it is not only the dog owner who is suffering, but the animal too. bsl can be prevented by owners taking time to be responsible for their animals.
  • Cites chicagoland bully breed rescue's "breed specific legislation." davidson county, nc to consider mandatory spay/neuter."
  • Opines that six owners take their fight to court. animal control officer sioux city, ia.
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