Leaving Work and Going Back to School for a Brighter Future

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Leaving Work and Going Back to School for a Brighter Future I thought about it for months, sleepless nights, draining my energy, do I quit my job and go back to school or do I continue to work? My family has begun to suffer; my oldest child is now first grade, my youngest is four. To continue to work means working only for family insurance and to pay the daycare to raise my children. Will they ever know the joy of summer breaks before it’s too late? Are their tiny brains being overloaded with school work and not enough play and imaginative exercise? All these thoughts run, trample and muttle my initiative to get up each morning and drag myself to a job that I’m not happy with. The tempting, aroma of fresh ground coffee beans, the hot water of the mornings shower just don’t have the same effect on my alertness and desire to go to work. Money is going to be sparse we will need to get use to a new life style. The day has come; I can’t take this yo-yoing effect of dread and despair. I have to, there isn’t another way, we’ll have to make do, I’m going to quit today. The sudden realization of a decision that’s long overdue has my stomach in knots, I feel the bile rising, going to be sick, and yet my head and shoulders feel fifty pounds lighter. There is a light at the end of this long drab tunnel. Wow, my first day home with the kids we slept until ten o’clock. Its summer time and there is no school to rush off to. There is no work that is demanding me to be there at 7:50 a.m. We can finally have a decent home cooked breakfast; eggs, bacon, toast and jam, not just some thrown together cold cereal. Today is our day; I know that tomorrow brings lots of new tasks to be done. The reality of this is settin... ... middle of paper ... ...links, final GPA for summer II eyes open to see 4.0. I can’t believe this is really happening; I have never gotten a 4.0 in my life! In the blink of an eye I’m on the phone to my husband to tell him the wonderful news, next it’s on to my mother, then my sister, and my husband’s family. This is my light at the end of the tunnel. I have proven to myself and everyone else that I can go back to school, raise my family and be all the better for it. Family motivation and the desire to better myself has really paid off. I’m back on the path that I have always dreamed I would be on. It may be later in life than I had hoped but having children young, and my latest decision of going back to school and better not only myself but my family as well has been the best and probably the most difficult that I have ever made. This truly is the greatest reward a mother could have.

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