Lean Manufacturing: The Key To Lean Manufacturing

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1.0 Introduction: In today's competitive world of manufacturing process can only be accomplished with a lean operation or with another word is called Lean Operation, is a set of tools and methodologies that aims for the continuous elimination of all waste in the production process. The main benefits of this are for getting costs of production is cheap, output will increase and production times will shorter. Lean manufacturing also can guarantee quality and maximizes efficiency. This process involves the standardization of work & eliminate waste. The standard is the best identified method of operation at a particular moment in time and one that will be continuously monitored and improvement from worker. The key to lean production is to identify processes is add value to the production process. Processes that labor and machinery can focus on added value activities’.History of Lean started with Henry Ford credited the original movement. Then follow with Kiichiro Toyoda and Taiichi Ohno: 1930’s developed the Toyota Production System (TPS) and have been implemented gradually throughout Toyota’s operations beginning in the 1950's. In 1980’s Toyota had increasingly become known for the effectiveness with which it had implemented Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing systems. Jim Womack, is started popular an author of Lean thinking, with a machine that can change the world and lean solutions. Lean Manufacturing has increasingly been applied by leading manufacturing companies throughout the world, lead by the major automobile manufacturers and their equipment suppliers. Lean Manufacturing is becoming an increasingly important topic for manufacturing companies. To implement the Standard Work is increase cost savings and maintain Lean mom... ... middle of paper ... ...ovement is at the early phases of the Lifecycle (development). 2.3 Lean Value Drivers: • Process Waste/ Transaction Waste • Lead time reduction (related: cycle time, TPT) • Inventory reduction • Cost reduction • Environmental impact reduction (in products and or processes) 2.4 Intel A3 report The A3 structure gives you a framework to document: • The background and business case; • The current condition; • The target condition and ideal state; • And the action plan that will close the gap between the current and target conditions. Example of a basic A3 template you can use for a project or an initiative, structured problem solving approach prompts you to apply lean thinking and organize your thoughts before you plan your solution. Page 1 This example shows a Strategic A3 for a project as the candidate is heading into the MEASURE Tollgate Page 2
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