Latino Community Education Reflection Paper

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This course has highlighted how the Latino community is growing drastically within the United States, but also how we are still treated poorly as minorities. I have learned and identified the facts behind major historical and current issues concerning Latino/a peoples and culture. Three things I will most remember about this course is the educational issues, unfair treatment that governing bodies have towards Latino/as people, and the unique struggles and triumphs that Latino/as have faced in the United States.

The most impacting objective in this course for me was the educational issues that Latino/a student’s face in the United States. As Monica Martinez stated, “we are still at the back of the bus in public education and we are the …show more content…

As she advocated, on how we should learn our rights and use social media tools and create a solidarity on how we will receive the best education for the Latino/a community. Also, she spoke about how there are many community leaders and charter schools are filling the gaps in the education system for Latino/a students and it should continue to grow across the U.S. The takeaway that I got from Martinez is that if the system is not working to education our community then why aren’t we appropriating our own charter school movement across the United States. Additionally, we should take note how the U.S law authorizes are discriminated and treat people are colors …show more content…

For example, the case of the five African American and Latino teenagers from Harlem who were convicted of raping a white woman in New York City’s Central Park was unjustified. These teenagers were fallacy accused and punished without any physical evidence of committing such as crime. The most frustrating thing is that these teenagers were manipulated by the NYPD to say they committed the crime. The fact that these African American and Latino teenagers spent about 6 to 13 years in prison for a serial rapist who was still free, continued to sexually violate women. After several years after the case, the serial rapist confessed that he committed the crime and the conviction was overturned. This does not give back the time and childhood memories that were lost while they spent several years in prison. It is frustrating how discrimination and unfair treatment against people of color will continue to exist in law enforcement who say they will keep our community safe only put us in danger and If a woman of color was sexuality assaulted it would not have received the same attention and justice as the white women. After all, the last takeaway I took from this course is the success of Hispanic Americans and Latino/a who have overcome the struggles they have faced in the United States in their professional

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