Language: One Of The Most Important Importance Of Language

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Language has the power to relay information without displaying a visual of the meaning. In this way language is one of the most powerful qualities of humanity, because it can not only unite people, but also convey vital information and allow a high level of communication. Different languages impact their speakers in different ways, creating different levels of understanding and intent. Communication can either bar groups from interacting, or create an interface in which they can convey information. Language shapes the way speakers view the world, their habits of thought, and allows them to communicate on a higher level with some individuals, yet restrains them from communicating with others.

Every language is comprised of a different vocabulary,
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Every language contains connotations and innuendos many of the speakers might not even realize exist. When children grow up learning their native language they pick up words and phrases without thinking through the literal meaning itself. In this way, children are able to communicate successfully, without fully understanding the meaning of their words. However, when someone attempts learning a different language, they will have a deeper understanding of the literal meaning of the words and a better understanding of the grammar and underlying structure of the language itself. Some languages require the speaker to indicate the gender of the person they are talking about indirectly while in other languages the gender remains unknown. “When your language routinely obliges you to specify certain types of information, it forces you to be attentive to certain details in the world and to certain aspects of experience that speakers of other languages may not be required to think about all the time” (Deutscher). This is an example of a habit formed at an early age that will mold how they view and interact with the world around them. Another example of a habit of mind is how the speakers of Guugu Yimithirr use egocentric directions instead of geographic directions making the speakers not only…show more content…
Deutscher says that even though there are thousands of different languages which each affect their speakers “differently”. Yet, how is language still, as Pagel called it, the most “valuable trait we have” if it is experienced in thousands of different ways? Pagel also mentions that the vast variety of languages we have “imposes a barrier to cooperation”, throughout Deutscher’s article he also hints at how it is difficult for speakers of different languages to relate because of how differently we think. For example, Deutscher says “It is not easy for us to conceive how Guugu Yimithirr speakers experience the world”, meaning because speakers of a different language think about location differently, it is more difficult for others to communicate with them, because of the language barrier, and the different ways of thinking. However, this barrier is being broken with our use of technology to improve translation. When tutoring ESOL students I have seen first hand how speakers of different languages view some things differently, but as they learn English they learn to think about the subject in another
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