Lady Macbeth's Deception

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The play Macbeth by William Shakespeare starts off with a noble warrior Named Macbeth that is titled thane of Glamis by his own uncle, King Duncan. Macbeth is awarded thane of Cawdor due to the switching sides of the original title holder who is hanged for treason. Macbeth who is deceived by his wife kills the king in a plot for power and they put the blame on the guards by laying bloody daggers next to them. Macbeth begins to lose himself as the play goes on. He kills his best friend Banquo and Macduff’s wife and kids. Lady Macbeth kills herself as she goes crazy from all the killings and then that is when Macbeth completely loses himself. Macbeth is told by the witches that he cannot be killed by any one of women born. Macduff and Malcolm, heir to the throne who fled Scotland think of a plan to kill Macbeth. Macbeth faces Macduff and Malcolm’s army alone as he is labeled a tyrant and is abandoned by everyone. He faces the army fearlessly as he cannot killed by any one of woman born but fails to realize that Macduff was born of C-section leading to his downfall and Macbeth is Beheaded. Malcolm becomes the new king. Lady Macbeth's deception had a dramatic effect on the play leading to a dramatic change in many lives. The three main points that will be discussed are how Lady Macbeth becomes deceived; how Lady Macbeth deceives others and the results from Lady Macbeth deceiving others. Lady Macbeth, was simply minded and became easily deceived.

Lady Macbeth easily became deceived when she heard of the news that Macbeth was foretold he would become king. This occurred short after Macbeth was awarded the thane of Cawdor for his courageous fighting and leadership. “ and with his form...

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...en shown that Lady Macbeth's deception did have a dramatic change on the play and it lead to the changes of many others fates of others including the death of Banquo, the death of Lady Macbeth, and the death of Macbeth himself. This all could of been avoided if Macbeth simply stayed in line and had not listening to the witches which he would have not done if it was not for his deceivious wife and her simple mindedness. It is believed that Lady Macbeth's decision of the killings lead to the pointless slaughters that Macbeth ordered to secure his spot as the king. “None of woman born shall harm Macbeth”, another big factor was that Macbeth was told none of woman born would be able to kill him, this gave him the thought that he had tremendous power and invincibility leading to an easy and unexpected downfall for him but clear for the audience that his end was coming.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how lady macbeth's deception had a dramatic effect on the play.
  • Analyzes how lady macbeth became deceived when she heard of the news that he would become king. she threw away her values and beliefs as soon as she found she could become queen.
  • Analyzes how lady macbeth belittled duncan's manhood in an attempt to use reverse psychology. she gave him an easy path to kill duncan by poisoning the chamberlains.
  • Concludes that lady macbeth's deception had a dramatic impact on the play and it led to the changes of many others fates.
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