Kurt Cobain: The Father Of The Seattle Sound

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Kurt Cobain, frontman of Nirvana, pioneered a new generation of Rock and Roll. Creating what would eventually be known as “The Seattle Sound”, most people credit Kurt as being one of the founding fathers of the Grunge Rock movement, and the voice of a generation. However, Cobain’s life was not always as great as it was during his rise to fame. This would be realised when Kurt’s body was found in his Seattle home with a shotgun and suicide note. Considered a martyr, Kurt’s Life was an interesting one. Kurtis Donald Cobain was born on February 20th, to Donald and Wendy cobain in Hoquiam, Washington in 1967. Six months after Kurt was born, his family moved to Aberdeen, Washington. For the most part, Kurt’s childhood was a good one. Being…show more content…
Often getting himself into a lot of trouble, calling Kurt a troubled child was an understatement. At the age of sixteen Kurt began to hang out with a group of guys who were the epitome of trouble. Eventually taking Kurt to the home of a mentally challenged girl, the group of guys would have four of them distract the “quiet” girl as someone would break into her father 's cellar and steal booze. Kurt referred to the girl as quiet because she wasn’t fully mentally handicapped (Kurt, 1). This was only the start of Kurt’s criminal actions. Kurt began to steal, break shop windows, and even spray painting “God is gay” on park benches. One day Kurt decided he had had enough. Getting drunk and high, Kurt went out to the railroad tracks. Sitting on the track, Kurt was waiting for the 10:00 train. As the train approached, Kurt braced himself for impact. The train went on the track in front of Kurt, completely missing him. This would bring a change of heart to Kurt, who returned home. Unfortunately, Kurt would be kicked out of his home again. At this time, Kurt had relatively nowhere to go. Kurt would at one point seek shelter underneath a bridge. This would go on to inspire the song “Something in The Way”. One day following Kurt’s night under the bridge, one of his teachers sons brought Kurt to their house, asking if Kurt could stay awhile. Taking kurt in for what was only intended to be a week ended up being an entire month…show more content…
The album was immediately met with mixed reviews. While songs such as “Heart Shaped Box” and “Rape Me” were well received, they were still met with controversy. The controversy surrounding Heart Shaped Box was it’s music video, which depicted Jesus Christ as a sickly old man on the cross, a young girl in Klu Klux Klan inspired garb, and many other unusual images. The controversy surrounding ‘Rape Me” is due to its song content. Originally written in support of anti rape movements, it was not received that way. In the March of 1994, Nirvana was on tour in England, but had to cut the tour short due to Kurt’s stomach being in excruciating pain. The band returned back to Seattle, so Kurt could be in a hospital near home. Upon release however, Kurt attempted suicide. After several attempts, Kurt Was taken to a mental hospital. Kurt had signed himself out a week later and returned to his Seattle home for the last time. On April 5th, 1994, Kurt Cobain died due to a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Found three days later on the 8th, Kurt was found with a suicide note addressed to Budah, an imaginary friend from his

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