Kohl's Target Case Study

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With the recent (and seemingly unstoppable) decline of JC Penney and Sears, much internet ink has been spilled lamenting the decline of these companies, while little analysis has been done exploring which retailers, brands, and stores can best profit from this massive outflow of JCPenny’s and Sears’ traditionally-loyal customers. The most obvious contender in this market share version of jump-ball? Kohl’s Corp. After all, Kohl 's, the 4th largest department store in the country, is where we, the consumer, are to “expect great things.” And as a company operating “1,146 stores in 49 states” with a stated “focus on providing excellent value to customers through offering moderately priced, exclusive and national brand apparel”, Kohl 's operates …show more content…

With the reputation of an online experience that includes an “erratic nature of delivery time makes us nervous when buying online with a hard deadline,” Kohl 's nearly begs customers to come in and try on the merchandise, then buy somewhere else. Obviously, as in the case with JCPenny and Sears, Kohl 's must follow Target 's lead and immediately overhaul its online shopping experience to lock consumers into both the in-store and online loop of consumption and purchase. While revamping an online platform sounds easy, it is, obviously a difficult task . But one that must happen if Kohl 's is to usurp the JCPenny and sears customers while competing with …show more content…

In particular, a recent Y-O-Y inventory increase belies a misread of increased demand, which means short turn times and trendier inventory that grows stale on the store shelves. This, in turn, means customers are less incented to return to the retailer to check out “what 's new”. This decreases in repeat visits in turn leads to longer inventory turn times, which in turns leads to loss of profit. In short, a revamped Kohl 's that moves inventory more quickly immediately becomes more attractive to the

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