Kohlberg's Theory Of Moral Reasoning

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Something that everybody has is Moral Reasoning. Moral reasoning is our way of determining what is right, and what is wrong. But Moral reasoning is something that we are not just given, but we must develop a moral reasoning. From the moment you take your first breathe, to the second you take your last, you are always going through the process of developing a certainty to what is right or wrong.

I think that everybody gets a moral reasoning based on how they are raised, where they are raised, and who they are raised by. At a young age, you are more adaptable to develop a moral reasoning. Lawrence Kohlberg is an American phycologist, who is known for his theory on stages of moral reasoning. He has conducted a model that shows each stage on
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When we are little, we worry about what we are going to get out of something, so what is right or wrong is based on what is going to give us most in return. Then, we grow up a little, and realize that, being apart of society, that we should live as one of society 's figures. We decide what is right or wrong based on social norms. That is the conventional stage of morality, mostly when we are teens. Then, we realize that an individual is more than a figure of society, but a totally separate entity of society. We have now developed our own, real moral reasons to what is right or…show more content…
It takes a while to really fully have your own solid view of right and wrong without other people telling us their rights and wrongs. Everything ties in.

I got my moral reasoning from being out in the world, and seeing and learning new things everyday. My parents play a big role in this. When I was a kid, I would lie. And when I would lie, I would be punished. Therefor, lying was associated as being wrong in my head. Same with saying please or thank you. Whenever I would use my manners, I would be rewarded. So, using manners is the right thing to do. If it wasn’t for my parents, maybe I would lie a lot or maybe I wouldn’t have good manners, who knows!

One other thing my parents did for me is take me with them as they would travel. I got to see a lot of stuff going on in the world all when I was young and growing. Nothing is better to a growing child 's mind then to subject them to different scenes all around the country, I believe. That way I got to see the rights and the wrongs going on everywhere, rather than just at my hometown. Since I am a pretty outspoken person, I developed my own rights and wrongs based on what I saw and how I felt about them. For example; the first gay couple I ever saw was in Florida. They kissed each other on the bench, and at first, I wondered why two men were kissing each other and kind of freaked out. Then, after asking my mother what was going on,
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