Knocked Up: Movie Analysis

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Knocked Up: Movie Analysis A relationship, the concept of two or more people, animals, objects and etc are connected and linked. Relationships come in different forms and shapes from family, friends, intimate and etc. Today, we will discuss the relationship presented in the movie Knocked Up which reveals an intimate relationship between the two main characters Ben and Allison. The movie shows us women (Allison) getting a promotion on a TV show and she celebrates with her sister at a club where she meets Ben. One thing leads to another and they end up having a one night stand. The day after they try to get know each while sober over breakfast but Allison doesn’t show much interest for Ben and leaves. This later changes as Allison become pregnant. This was all due to a …show more content…

Now both characters aren’t ready for a child, but Allison's decides to keep it and give the slacker and laid back man Ben a chance to raise the child with her even though he is not financially supported himself. In the movie, culture plays a big role as Allison and Ben try and give their relationship a chance. Both characters live a different lifestyle and mindset but do have the same social habit to party and live crazy once in a while like the American culture. Besides the two characters having different life goals, culture didn’t play a big part. They were from the same country, same place, and living in America probably meant they shared nearly the same values of freedom and etc. Maybe if one of them were from a different background and country, culture

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