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The Kingdom of God and its significance can be found within the gospel of Luke. First off who is Luke? Some experts think that “evidence points towards him being a physician and a companion of Paul" (Franz, 2014). “Luke the physician was one of the disciples who wrote the longest gospel, and it has been speculated that he also was the author of the book of Acts” (Franz, 2014). Within Luke’s gospel it contains a vast amount of information and attention that was documented on the life accounts of Jesus and the kingdom of God. Jesus knew what his mission was early on, as it was described in the early chapters of the gospel of Luke. This paper is being written for personal exploration of the Kingdom of God and is intended to examine information…show more content…
Some passages in the Bible refer to the Kingdom of God as God 's reign. Other passages refer to God 's Kingdom as a realm to which we may be allowed to enter, and experience the blessings of His reign. The entrance to this realm depends on if we have lived the life that Jesus has planned for us. Still there are other passages that refer to a future realm, which will occur only with the reappearance of Jesus Christ. Therefore, these are three examples of the Kingdom of God that mean different things throughout other verses of the Bible. One only has to study all the references and interrupt its context to fully fit these pieces together to find the answers. The gospel of Luke sheds some insight into the Kingdom of…show more content…
The parable is about second chances, just as the gardener gave the fig tree a second chance, so is God giving us a second chance to join His Kingdom. This is the over-generosity nature of God’s mercy, and it is an important theme in Luke’s Gospel. The fig tree as being symbolic to humans, the fig tree may be given another year to demonstrate its ability to produce fruit, but if it fails to do so, it will be cut down. It has been supposed by some scholars that there is a concealed significance, that the Kingdom of God has still yet to come, and right now it is recruiting those who trust in the Lord and in

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