King Solomon's Advice by Walter L. Porter

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The book King Solomon’s Advice, authored by Walter L. Porter, is a detailed study of the wisdom and advice of Solomon. The author sets forth to present the advice of Solomon, by interjecting his own thoughts and then backing what he states with the words of Solomon, or another Biblical author. The author states that he does not desire to speak much on the subjects, but rather allow the Bible to speak, with only a few comments from himself. He [the author] states that he hopes the information contained in his book will be worthwhile and usable for others. Thus, the author’s main focus is to present a detailed book illustrating the advice of Solomon in an understandable and east use format.

While the authors focus and intent are good, there are several things that this writer feels should be pointed out. The author stated that he desired the Bible to speak for itself with little input by him; however, there are several points made by the author of the book that are hard to understand and are contrary to the word of God.

One such criticism is found on page four of the book. The author states, “Solomon’s legacy consists of three books in the Bible: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon. In the opening words of each book Solomon is mentioned as its author.” It is true that Solomon is mentioned in the beginning of Proverbs and Song of Solomon, but he is not mentioned at the beginning of Ecclesiastes. In fact his name is not mentioned anywhere in the book of Ecclesiastes. While this writer believes that Solomon authored the book of Ecclesiastes caution must be exercised when making statements such as the one made by this author.

The second textual criticism is found on pages six and seven. Here the author speaks about the ...

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...n thoughts and the scriptures, that all need to be careful what they say. One of the worst entities in society that prompts ill use of words is Hollywood. There is more gossip and slander in Hollywood than anywhere else. Someone is always trying to one up someone else, and speak ill of them. This reader also felt that the author did an excellent job in speaking about the book of Song of Solomon. The author had many good comments and excellent thoughts, of how a husband should treat his wife, and vice versa.

In summation of all that has been said the book “King Solomon’s Advice” has good information as well bad information that is highly questionable. This reader would recommend the book, but only with a strong word of caution. In all the author did a fine job of sealing the sum of King Solomon’s advice into a book that can be used with some deal of benefit.

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