The Middle Ages: Bible and Western Literature

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King Arthur and the Round Table is among some of the newer stories set in the Medieval Ages. All these stories are old and most people know of them. However, not many people know about the literature that was written in the middle ages. A lot of great literature was written back then and some examples are Beowulf and the Divine Comedy. The literature of the middle ages was greatly influenced by the great major leaders of the middle ages which include the Bible, Catholic Church, and the feudal system that was the government system back then.
Literature is and always was a great factor in ages and eras. The main point of literature was to write down important information to read later or to write of the great tales of a hero from the time. It often gets exaggerated over time and things change in the story, however, the basic principles remain the same. The kinds of literature that were written back then was often stories and poems about great things their king or queen had done. The other type of literature that was written in the middle ages was religious literature. It was mostly Catholic literature because the main power was the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church had great importance in the middle ages and had even more power than the king; more in-depth information on the Catholic Church and its corruption comes later. Most literature from the middle ages was written for kings and queens of the time and for religious purposes like the Divine Comedy, which is a poem written by Dante Alighieri. Only the rich and powerful could read or could hire others to write for them, thus making it so that only kings, queen, and wealthy lords as well as the Pope of the Catholic Church could have books written for them (Euronet). Poetry wa...

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