Killing the King in William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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Killing the King in William Shakespeare's Macbeth

William Shakespeare was born on April 23rd 1564 in Stratford, England.

In the 1590's Shakespeare joined a touring theatre company in London.

He was the lead actor of the company, which was called " The Lord

Chamberlain's Men." By the late1590's Shakespeare became a well know


In 1599, he founded the Globe theatre, an open playhouse in London,

with six other friends and called themselves "The King's Men" with

King James 1's permission in 1603. On April 23rd 1616 Shakespeare


As a lover of the theatre, King James became patron to the troop of

one of his most favourite subjects who was William Shakespeare, the

playwright. Shakespeare and the king held a special relationship as

they both loved literature and plays.

During Shakespeare's time, most people were very superstitious because

they believed in the supernatural. This was shown in the language from

that time in the play "Macbeth". Shakespeare's Macbeth explores the

change in character from a kind, respectable warrior to a murdering,

lying "fiend", through desire and greed.

We see the true Macbeth as "brave, valiant and heroic". The captain

describes Macbeth's personality by saying, "for brave Macbeth, well he

deserves that name." This creates the image of a hero and warrior. To

the audience they see a patriotic figure that is highly regarded by

the captain. Macbeth and his friend Banquo were said to be "cannons

overcharged with double cracks." This is a metaphor that describes the

passion of Macbeth and his college. It shows that he works twice as

hard as others do, giving the effect that he is more loyal....

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...m and also intriguing which makes

him want more. He wonders after the first two prophecies come true

whether it is luck but immediately knows that the witches are telling

the truth, therefore he will become king. The witches tell him that he

will become king so Macbeth decides to kill the king in order to speed

up the process.

His wife is the other main factor, although after receiving the letter

from Macbeth about the witches she wants Macbeth to kill the king for

her own desires. She uses lots of emotive language as well as

blackmail in order to quicken the process, as she knows that they will

become monarchs sooner or later.

Overall the witches have an impact on Lady Macbeth as they cause her

to try and persuade her husband to assassinate the king and therefore

be sentenced to a life of misery and damnation.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that fair is foul, and foul is fair. good is bad.
  • Opines that they are in tune with "fair a day i have not seen".
  • Opines that this would show that he has no real will to carry on with his scheme.
  • Analyzes how lady macbeth shows that if she were a man then she would cry " hold, hold"
  • Narrates how there was a coin with flower on one side and serpent on the other.
  • Analyzes how the king states how it would be a horror if he were to kill him.
  • Opines that if he were to kill the king it would be like that.
  • Opines that he cannot murder the king alone, and that there is no side to him.
  • States that they have given suck, and know how tender it is to love the babe.
  • Opines that a mother could kill her own child in order to protect her child.
  • Opines that the peace is disturbed by the sounds of macbeth's music.
  • Analyzes how the audience can see that the desire to kill the king is evident.
  • Narrates how he decides to go ahead with the plans to kill the king. he is worried in case they are caught.
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