Influenced to Murder

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In the beginning, Macbeth was seen as a hero but then external and internal forces helped influence him to make the wrong decisions. Macbeth was seen as a reliable hero until he was persuaded to go against everything he stood for. Macbeth was swayed to commit murder against his own cousin by the witches’ prophesy, his own ambition, and Lady Macbeth. Macbeth yielded to his influences and let them change him completely. Even though Macbeth was seen as a loyal cousin to the king at first, there were many influences that led him to commit his first murder.
The witches’ prophecies helped fuel Macbeth’s hidden desire to become king and greatly shaped him to do anything in order to have the prophecy come true, even commit murder. If it were not for their predictions, Macbeth would not have thought about becoming king. “…Macbeth clearly confides in their prophecies and believes them to be truths…” (Macbeths Demise). When finding out that one of the predictions came true, he was led to believe he would become a great king. The witches misguided Macbeth by only telling him half truths and tricked him into a disastrous path that would lead to his demise. Also, the three seers helped influence Macbeth by letting him see a part of himself that was hidden inside him. “They planted the seed of evil in Macbeth's head that grew to dominate his mind.” (Witches Influence on Macbeths Decisions), which, let his desire consume him until the only thing he thought about was to become king. The witches’ prophecies were not the only force that influenced Macbeth into committing a crime but his own faults also influenced him.
Macbeths’ ambition was what actually led him to actually go through with killing his cousin. “Throughout the play, it is Macbeth’s a...

... middle of paper ... are what led him to become a tragic hero because without them he would have been sane and not destroy his own life. His loyalties were tarnished by the influences he let in his life and helped him become a cruel, cold, heap of a man that murdered his friends.

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