Kidney Stones Essay

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Endorsing home remedies as a cure for kidney stones.
Author: Mbaegbu Makuachukwu
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Tyler Newman
Chandni Patel
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Kidney stones, a very common urinary tract disorder that is now really rampant in humans especially. Some causes of kidney stones are still being argued from whether it is due to what is consumed or having a history in the family. There are some common kidney stones which are phosphate, oxalate and calcium. This kidney stones may vary in sizes, in other words if the kidney stones in one that is small then there is a less tendency to notice. Although, most people would notice when they starting filling pains that feel like cramps on the back and the side in area around the kidney or lower abdomen. Due to the blockage of urine by the insoluble salt this causing more concentrated urine.
Although, kidney stones cannot be tied to a specific cause like what is eaten, certain factors increase the porosity to kidney stones. Some of the factors is overweight, a history of kidney problem, individuals that drink a lot of fluid. Below is how some kidney stones looks like pertaining to the shapes and size.
Figure 1: Kidney stones

Kidney stones they say “is as old as malady”. Due to the fact that it was found in mummies of over 700years ( kidney analysis). Remedies for kidney stones could be achie...

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... while weighing the reactants would try and avoid letting the reagents get in contact with apparatus that may not be necessary so as to avoid loss of some the substance and this way the exact mass would be achieved.

Considering the experiments that has been carried out on the stone and tracing this back to the goal of this investigation, which was to see if there is any scientific explanation to why home remedy could be considered to be endorsed as a remedy for the kidney stones. Summing up all that was seen in the experiment, the home remedy like the lemon juice, vinegar, Ginger ale can be said to be good way to decrease the sizes of the kidney stones so as to allow it to be decreased by having some of it being passed out through the urinary tract and to also help reduce the pain (cramps) at the back that may be caused by the kidney stones.

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