Khrushchev's National Security Failure

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The end of the world. Though this seems like something that will not happen for a million years the world came close to it during the early twentieth century because of the cold war. The two most powerful nations of the time were locked in an arms race/cold war. If one of the leaders of the United States and its allies, or one of the leaders of the Soviet Union and its allies had made one wrong move, it could have caused the end of the human race. To deal with this scary time both leaders had to take action to keep their people safe, while maintaining peace. But to a leader of a country something more important than peace is the safety of the country. Khrushchev had to take actions to keep his country safe. Khrushchev did not succeed in strengthening national security because of one huge mistake he made with Cuba. The Soviet Union’s most important goal was national security. National security is defined as the protection of a nation from those who want to do it harm, by its government. During the twentieth century when the cold war was at its most tense point, the Soviet Union’s most important goal was national security. It was more important then peace with the United States because if peace with the U.S. meant a decrease in the Soviet Union’s national security than they were open for attack from any other country that wanted to attack them. By keeping the Soviet Union’s national security strong they kept other countries in fear of them, thus creating a fear inspired peace. By focusing on national security tension was created but it also scared both sides into avoiding war at all costs. If the U.S. were to see weakness in the Soviet Union’s national security than the U.S. would have probably been tempted to test the waters and ... ... middle of paper ... ..., and Khrushchev backed down. Now other countries wouldn’t be so quick to back down if Khrushchev threatened to wage nuclear war. This is also extremely bad for the Soviet Union’s national security. The Soviet Union, although, did succeed in strengthening their national security by creating the Warsaw pact which was in response to NATO. The Warsaw pact not only gave Khrushchev access to resources but also made the countries of NATO that he did not stand alone, causing them to be more reluctant to attack them. This was a big success here but progress made here was smashed by Khrushchev’s mistake in Cuba. So if the criteria is national security for the soviet union, because of Khrushchev’s mistake in Cuba, all progress made by other successful policies was cancelled out, therefore, Khrushchev did not succeed in achieving better national security to the soviet union.

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