Lean Case Study

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Lean is best defined as “a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste (non-value added activities) through continuous improvement by flowing the product only when the customer needs it (called pull) in pursuit of perfection” (Sarkar, 2008, p. 1). Lean thinking along with Six Sigma have generated interest all industries. This can be seen by the countless studies and quality improvement efforts undertaken by many corporations, with training and building staff as certified Lean Six Sigma experts. Lean is not a new concept and surfaced as a result of Toyota’s Production System. Manufacturing has been using lean principles since the 1980’s (Sarkar, 2008). Lean today goes beyond manufacturing into health, education,…show more content…
This can be accomplished by using disciplined delivery time windows, developing close relationships with a small group of reliable transportation carriers, and shipping only what is needed at a particular time, which means small lots being delivered more frequently often using partially filled trucks” (Taylor, 2013, p. 6). Problem solving becomes systematic and horizontal as discussed in the process oriented section of the previous week (Taylor, 2013). Problem solving becomes preventative instead of reactive. The delivery of products and services are value driven and customer focused. The elimination of non-value added activities and waste improve the quality of products and services. Using a pull system reduces costs because of low inventories, using a JIT methodology (Russell & Taylor, 2011). Continuous improvement should be pursued, improving the quality of products and services to customer. In conclusion, “a study of the average benefits among US manufacturers over a five-year time frame revealed 90% reduction in cycle time, 70% reduction in inventory, 50% reduction in labor costs, and 80% reduction in space requirements” (Russell & Taylor, 2011, p. 740). There are many benefits to embracing Lean, and interest is

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