Justification of Design Choices

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Justification of Design Choices

For this first task I am required to create a web site for the Lancre

Festival 2007. To produce this website I must include these 4 pages:

· Homepage

· Where To Stay

· Festival Events

· The Purple Spiders

The first page otherwise known as the homepage; should have a big

heading “The Lancre Festival” it should also have the dates underneath

it. One off the requirements is to make sure the heading is colourful

so it stands out. I will do this by making the heading a bright

orange, and formatting it to make the outline stand out. The heading

will be located at the top of the page in the centre, size 36. I also

want my background to be eye-catching, original, and attractive, for

this I’ve used a yellow spiral. Stuart also wants the dates underneath

the heading; I will do this in a thin margin with the dates centred,

black and bold. A short piece on Lancre will be given on disk to me;

this will be included in a big box, which takes up most of the

homepage. On one half I will copy and paste the text given, (which

will be written in the font “Bimini”) and on the other half I will

include a picture of last year’s festival. This is compulsory as it

states that at least one picture must be on each page (except the

festival events page). At the bottom I will have a list of hyperlinks

for each page they will be in a bold black Ariel font.

All the pages will have the home page links and heading in the same


The second page will be the “Where to stay” page, the title will be in

size 32 the font will be “ODESSA let”. The background will be a cream

colour and the text will be written in comic sans. This page will

contain a list of:

· Hotels (and motels)

· Bed and breakfast accommodation

· Camping and caravan sites
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