Judaism, Christianity and Islam: The Three Oldest Religions are Based on Faith and Commitment

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Religion in all aspects is based on faith and commitment. It starts with a faith that people have in something that they have not seen. I have always wondered about the faith people show for their religion. No matter what is happening they stay strong in whatever it is that they believe in. Humans have come a long way from the beginning of time when it comes to forming religions. There are so many different kinds of religions out there in this world right now. And all those religions come from some kind of faith and are based on a faith that emerged through something or someone. There are people out there in this time that are dying and killing for their faith. There are some religions that are based on the same roots but are called known as different religions because of their differences in faith. Although they have similar background and roots they are very different from each other. Judaism, Christianity and Islam for example are three religions that have similar background and are branches of the same roots, but are very much different from each other because of the differences in their faith and belief. Faith, the word by which people base their afterlife, has become the foundation of every religion. The three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam are one of the oldest religions of the world. They have always been known for the strong faith they hold for their religion. Although the three religions are somewhat similar to each other they have their differences and beliefs. All three started with the same creator and got split to become their own religion. All of these religions started with Abraham and they still to this date hold Abraham in high position. Even with being almost the same religion they base everything o... ... middle of paper ... ... same God, that is Abraham’s God, but they differ when it comes to other things that make up their religion. The disbelief of Jews in Jesus differ them from Christians, the concept of all three religions have about the coming of Messiah also differs them from each other. Jews believe the messiah is yet to come and is coming to revive the Jews, Christians believe in the second coming of the messiah and believe that he is going to take all the believers of Christ with him, and the Muslims believe that Jesus is coming again to fight as warrior for the Muslims against the world. From doing the study on the three religions, I have learned that they all have the same concept to which it started with, but no longer are the same because their faith changed along the way. And they broke off from one to another and formed the three strongest religions in the world presently.

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